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Optimization of safe bicycle path networks

We help our clients define the optimal route for new bike paths in an urban area. Our optimization method and neighborhood demographic data model allow us to allocate the bike lane investment in the best way possible and to directly estimate the benefits in terms of euros and emission reductions. New lanes are then built or existing lanes are dedicated to cycling.
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Charging stations

We help our clients meet their regulatory obligations to install charging stations in their territory. Our demographic and vehicle fleet data model allows us to transcribe the number of charging stations to be installed in a given territory and at the level of each neighborhood. Our knowledge of the supply of charging stations then allows us to specify the types of stations. These two steps in the process make it possible to multiply the impact of the investment by 6: twice the cost and 3 times the geographical coverage, while creating the conditions for cheap charging.
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Low carbon strategy for the mobility of a large employer site

We help our clients define objectives for the modal share of bicycles, carpools and electric cars that are consistent with the location of their employees and measure the carbon impact. Then we specify the key cycling routes to be secured and we accompany the process towards the concerned municipalities. Similarly for carpooling, we define the most interesting areas for our client. These are then communicated to the carpooling operators for implementation.
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